Welcome you to our HOW TO BOOK YOUR TOUR page.

We will not take you to any online payment platform. You will NOT be asked to provide any payment account(No PayPal, No Credit card…).

This is just a form to fill out and submit, to know more about your plan and later continue the process or answer your questions efficiently and effectively if you have any.


We will email you a detailed offer
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Note that by sending your details, you do not guarantee any tour with us, because a deposit is required to secure your tour with us. We will let you know our payment details later by email when you are satisfied and you decide to book, we use (PayPal, TransferWise, Bank Transfers… ).

To know how much is the deposit and our payment methods, please visit our Deposit and Payment page.

We will try to answer back soon as possible. If you didn’t receive an email in your inbox within the coming 12 hours, please check your “spam or junk” folder or get in touch with us again with your request using email or call us.