How To Plan your Morocco Tour

Thank you for your interest in our tour services. We are going to help you plan your morocco tour to match your requirement.

This page is for people who want to customize their  entire trip, by changing existing ones or suggesting a new  totally different itinerary.

If you already  liked an existing itinerary  in our Website and you would like to inquire about it or book it, please kindly go to our “Booking” page to fill out another simple form.

There are two sections that you will need to fill,  after filling the 1st one, you will need to click next or click directly on “Section 2”, then  this section will show you entries to fill up to  30 days,  but feel free to fill only  from 1 day  to many days as you would like.

Everyday has two choices, if you want to include accommodation, and if you want to include a local guide if it is applicable, at least one day must be filled (Day 1).

If you want for example to have some days with us and some others free, you can simply type in “free day”

Hello! How can we personalize your Morocco travel experience?

Let Us Customize Your Trip

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Our Team is working hard to assist you, and our only priority is to find an itinerary that best meets your needs.

Customize Your Own Morocco Tour With Us:

If you are an individual, a couple or a group of families or friends and you wish to plan your own private tour in Morocco, please let us make your dreams come true!

Please carefully read the following and tell us about:

  • The desired destinations: the cities you would like to visit as well as the routes you would like to cover in your trip.
  • The number of participants: how many persons?
  • Travel dates: dates of arrival and departure, along with times of arrival and departure.
  • Travel days: how long would you like to travel and the duration of stay in places?
  • When and where would you like to start and end your tour?
  • If transportation is required.
  • If Hotel Booking is Required.
  • Class of Accommodation: What is your budget and desired level of comfort is, along with the number of rooms.
  • If you prefer Camel ride and Camping in the middle of the desert.
  • Your special interests (e.g. people, nature, national parks, rural areas, beach, nightlife sightseeing or business).

Please feel free to ask and share your ideas with us. We would be more than happy to listen and assist you in designing the ideal itinerary to suit your specific requirements and which will give you the maximum feel of Morocco!

To Customize your own tour and design your holiday exactly the way you want it, please click on the link below to fill out our contact form, making sure you provide as many details about sites to visit when to visit, and what services to include in the price.

  To open our Contact Form Please click here.

We will provide you a unique itinerary along with the best price quotation when we receive your request.


The Tour Prices Depends On Different Factors:

1- Number of participants.

2- Number of selected travel days.

3- Accommodations: the hotel category and the total number of rooms.

4- High and low season.


  • We don’t charge fees for designing itineraries.
  • We require a period of time and we will respond to you as soon as possible.
  • In order to reduce the average price per person, you need to invite more people to join the tour.
  • When you confirm your tour with a deposit, you can expect to receive a detailed itinerary by e-mail.
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