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Let Us Customize Your Morocco Trip

Things To Provide When Planning a Trip To Morocco:

Carefully read the following and tell us about:

  • The desired destinations: the cities you would like to visit as well as the routes you would like to cover in your trip.
  • The number of participants: how many persons?
  • Travel dates: dates of arrival and departure, along with times of arrival and departure.
  • Travel days: how long would you like to travel and the duration of stay in places?
  • When and where would you like to start and end your tour?
  • If transportation is required.
  • If Hotel Booking is Required.
  • Class of Accommodation: What is your budget and desired level of comfort is, along with the number of rooms.
  • If you prefer Camel ride and Camping in the middle of the desert.
  • Your special interests (e.g. people, nature, national parks, rural areas, beach, nightlife sightseeing, or business).

The Tour Prices Depends On Different Factors:

Note That The Tour Prices Depends On Different Factors:

  • The number of participants.
  • The number of selected travel days.
  • Accommodations: the hotel category and the total number of rooms.
  • High or low season.


Valuable Notes For Our Dear Travelers To Morocco

Read These Valuable Notes:

  • We don’t charge fees for designing itineraries.
  • We require a period of time and we will respond to you as soon as possible.
  • In order to reduce the average price per person, you need to invite more people to join the tour.
  • When you confirm your tour with a deposit, you can expect to receive a detailed itinerary by e-mail.


Hello! How can we personalize your Morocco travel experience?

Whether you are looking for a romantic, family, friends, honeymoon, group, or solo trip. Our team will assist you in planning your trip to Morocco?

Morocco Custom Tours FAQ

  • Feel free to ask questions.
  • Share your travel ideas with your tour specialist.
  • Provide a list of sites to visit.
  • Include the services that will ease your travel.
  • Make sure to tell your experts about your dietary requirments.

If you already liked an existing itinerary on our Website and you would like to inquire about it or book it, please kindly visit our “Book Morocco Tour Package” page to fill out another simple form.